Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Garden Fence

Several weeks into our vegetable gardening venture, it became apparent that we would most certainly have to put a fence around the garden.  Both deer and bunnies had found our garden tasty enough to eat everything in sight!  Knowing that the fence we chose for our garden wasn't tall enough to keep deer out, Bryce installed a deer fence along the back of our property line since that's where they usually wander in.  The hope is that if one does venture in the fence will at least be a deterrent!  One can dream!

After debating the merits of an old wrought iron fence vs. a cedar fence, we went with cedar because we felt that it matched the overall feel of our home/yard better and it was much less expensive.  Also, I love the aged look of cedar!  I asked the fence company to build the fence very similarly to one I found online and overall I'm happy with it. The one change I would make would be to not have the edges of the wire showing.  I believe that would have involved more work to sandwich it between the pieces of wood, but I think it would have looked more finished.

My favorite thing about the whole fence is the gate handle that Bryce installed for me.  Years ago, I saw a gate handle that was a garden implement and it's stayed catalogued in the back of my mind until I had a place to have one too.  I love it and it's actually helpful to grab the handle when opening or closing the gate.  We have two gates opposite each other so that we have easy access from the shed and to the compost as well.


  1. Oh my goodness... picture perfect! Love that handle...

  2. You chose that fence that was really made for your garden. Nice. Hope it keeps the wildlife out. I know someone who could cover those wire edges. shushhhhhh. Just LOOK at the size of those zinnias!

  3. I love the fence. I have never been one for fences because I grew up in a city where we had to have high walls around our house and I just did not care much for it. It could get very claustrophobic and to me it always represents keeping out crime. But I like how this is around the garden.

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  5. I’m in love with your garden, especially your new fence! It has a certain charm that reminds me of the beautiful gardens that I saw in Pinterest. Cedar is indeed a great choice for your new fence, since it really blends well with the overall look of this outdoor space. Wishing you all the best with your gardening venture!

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