Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to School

Both of the children are now back in school full time (Grace started a day before Harris but it was a half-day) and I sort of can't believe that just like that, the summer is over.  I now have a 7th grader and a 4th grader!  Boy, that makes me feel old considering that when I started this blog Grace was going into 1st grade!  What a difference from then and now in how big they look and how they handle getting their stuff together and bags packed by themselves instead of me doing it all for them!

We had our traditional "back to school dinner" of alphabet soup and alphabet breadsticks.  I asked the children if they would like to mix it up and have different food since they are well past the alphabet stage but they chose to stay with our old tradition!

This year I made a pencil cake which I thought turned out very cute.  It's clearly not even close to perfect but no one seemed to care.  I literally decorated the cake while the soup was simmering and while making breadsticks- it was that easy (my Mom place the points on each pencil!).

Grace started off dinner by making a very cute and funny speech that she had prepared and typed up.

And this happened.  Bryce took matters into his own hands and cut Harris' fro hair.  I waited till the last minute to schedule a haircut and there were no appointments before school started.  Harris really wanted a trim so Bryce went for it.  I must say, he did a great job!

P.S.  Please note that Grace wore a dress to school!


  1. Grace's outfit is so cute! I love it. Also that cake looks incredible.xx

  2. LOVE that cake! I'd be scared to pipe all of those yellow lines, but may have to try it next year because it's darling! Grace looks beautiful in her dress. I love that they wanted to keep with your tradiotnal back to school dinner menu too!


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