Friday, August 22, 2014

Favorite Things #44

For Christmas this past year my Mom gave me a set of 3BBags which are reusable produce bags.  They are intended to replace plastic produce bags at the grocery store and I love the concept of them.  After all, I dutifully try to remember to tote all my bags into the market to load our groceries in, but then use a dozen little plastic ones for our fresh fruits and vegetables.  Unfortunately, I still sometimes struggle with remembering to bring them into the store with me!  The bags come in various sizes and I appreciate that one of the sizes is really large so that my lettuce can fit in without getting torn apart and squashed.

I have loved having them at our CSA this summer.  They are perfect to bring home our haul in and I have been stopped at the farm many times asking where I got the bags!  The only caution I would give you is that they aren't perfect for actually storing greens in the refrigerator.  I've found that the greens go limp more quickly if left in the bags.  My solution is to go ahead and wash everything and store in in the appropriate container (often ziploc bags saved and reused for this purpose).

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  1. I love the idea of those bags...I would have a hard time implementing them as well! But I am slowly getting better at remembering to bring my grocery bags with me...maybe this is the next step?


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