Monday, September 15, 2014

Adventuring Grace

As I've mentioned before, Grace does not yet have an official phone.  However, this summer Bryce and I decided that we thought she could start dipping her toes in the social media pool with Instagram (she uses her Dad's old itouch!).  There have been a few moments where I questioned our wisdom over this decision, but overall it's been a positive experience.  She feels like she's a little more in touch with things and I'm finding it fascinating what she choices to post or write about.  This past weekend she wrote about her longing to be adventuring again.  And I might just be a proud parent but I thought what she wrote was beautiful!

Also, we have a lot of discussions about etiquette on Instagram and what's appropriate and what's not.  I had her read this article about selfies and I think it was helpful and is important for all of our children to realize that what they post makes a difference in how they are viewed by others.


  1. Very cool... yes she is a very cool girl! Great advice about the articles to read ahead of time!

  2. You must know how her longings touch our hearts. She has a special way of expressing herself, always. Her love and appreciation of our beautiful land is dear.


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