Friday, March 22, 2013

A New Light for the Desk Nook

Last fall, while Al and Marilyn were here, Al put in a new light fixture for me.  Our kitchen desk nook had been looking rather crowded and when I spotted this sconce for $15 I knew that it would be perfect for that area.  Al even put in a new switch on the bottom of the sconce since we wouldn't have a light switch!  I love having it there, it clears up the area and takes away one more cord that was contributing to the cluttered look.

In my effort to clean out every area in the house I also tackled the drawer, cabinets and file folder.


  1. I am a bit in love with that desk nook! It is just perfect and very nicely built in!

  2. Details...details...details...YOU ALWAYS NAIL THEM!!
    I love everything you do!


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