Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Show Way (Bringing books to life)

A couple of weeks ago, Grace and I went with friends to see a play that was based on the children's book, Show Way by Jacqueline Woods.

We had not read the book, but of course purchased it to read before the play.  The illustrations and the story are absolutely beautiful!  The story follows generations of women from the same family through slavery, emancipation, civil rights and to present time.  The thread throughout the story is quilt making; first to guide slaves to freedom and then as a family tradition.  I simply love how this book hits lots of important topics (traditions, family roots, passage of time) and does so in a beautiful, lyrical sort of way.    I'm a firm believer that even older children should read picture books and this book is a perfect example of one that is appropriate, engaging and thought provoking for older readers.

We certainly enjoyed watching the book come to life on the stage!  Many thanks to Kristin for taking us with her!


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  2. Absolutely Fantastic!
    I am a HUGE believer in picture books...I still love them! ;)


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