Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Hobbit House Cake

Over the weekend Harris had the end of year meeting for his Cub Scout pack.  This meeting is where belt loops, awards and graduations are celebrated.  One of the traditions of the meeting is for the boys to make cakes, based on a theme, for dessert.  At the end of the meeting everyone votes on their favorite cakes from each den.  An award is handed out for best cake in each den and best cake overall.

As Harris had just finished reading the Hobbit with Bryce he wanted to make a Hobbit house for his cake.  Harris and I made the cake together and then he and Bryce decorated it.  It was actually a great cake for them to do together because Harris was easily able to pipe on the grass by himself.   I think they both really enjoyed making the colored rocks out of fondant!

Harris' cake won best overall!  He was beyond thrilled!


  1. That is one amaaaaazing cake! The guys did a terrific job and that trophy is well deserved. It looks like it was fun creating besides. Was it built from imagination? Congrats to the 'builders'!

  2. That is quite possibly the most adorable cake I have ever seen. Fun!

  3. Oh my goodness..that is amazing!


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