Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring

Happy Spring!  It doesn't exactly feel like spring around here.  In fact, a glance at the weather forecast still shows some snow in our future!  We are gearing up for an exciting, fun filled, but unusually busy, season ahead of us.  Here's what's on my radar...

*I picked these sunflowers up at the grocery store several weeks ago for only $7!  They are now on their third week of looking beautiful.  Seriously, the best $7 ever spent.
*dresses and cute shoes!  I can't wait to lighten up.  I just bought this dress- not sure how it will look on my body type but it just looks comfy and cute!  I'll let you know.
* I'm anxiously awaiting my peonies to start stretching toward the sky.  I'm still wondering if they are going to come back.  Here's to hoping...
*Bryce turns 40 this spring.  He his going on an adventure with a dear friend and has been training like crazy for it.  It's reminded me that I need to exercise more.  I've been trying out Ballet Beautiful and I like it, but I'm having trouble being consistant (or motivated).
*We have just purchased a special something that I'm super excited about and have had fun shopping for.  I can't wait to share!
*Grace really wants to grow a garden this year, so we are starting to think/plan that out.  I really want chickens!  However, I'm not sure if we can have them in our town so I need to investigate.  And of course, I would need a darling coop.
*What?  How did Easter sneak up on me?  We haven't done a single thing to get ready.  Today, we are going to pull out the Egg Tree!
*Tickets go on sale today for the Outstanding in the Field dinners.  I know the tickets are crazy expensive, but I really want to go.  Anyone interested?
*I really, really love the color pink.  This lip balm was in my stocking this year and it's really a lovely color, I must see these lakes someday and what a pretty springtime drink.

What's on your radar?

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