Monday, March 11, 2013

A Bench + A Lace Pillow

Last summer, we got a new bench to go at the end of the bed and while I was a little afraid that it would become a catchall (it sometimes has) I'm so glad we have it.  When Kathleen was visiting she told me a story about friends of theirs who have adult sons and whom also have a bench at the end of their bed.  As teenagers, their children would come home after a night out and sit on the bench and chat with their parents about their evening.  I love that and can only hope the same might be true for our children and our bench!

Since we have a tight space on one side of the bed it was perfect to get a bench that narrows towards the end as this one does.

Also, I recently got this old french lace pillowcase and I love it! I feel like it finishes off the bed.

Have I ever mentioned that my father-in-law, Al, made our bedroom furniture?   From scratch.

I put the peony from my birthday cake on my side table!

Harris loves nothing more than to mess up a newly made bed!

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