Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter weekend!  We started celebrating Friday night with our annual easter egg decorating dinner, continued on last night by the making of the Easter Story Cookies and celebrated all day today from breakfast, church, egg hunt to dinner!  We sort of squeezed in all of our Easter activities into one weekend, so I'll be doing several Easter posts this week but here are some snapshots of our weekend...

Grace drew this picture on Good Friday after Bryce told the children the story of Jesus' death.  I will never get used to hearing this story.

This sight made me happy, men guarding the "tomb".  This was the finishing touch to the Easter Story Cookies that we make every year.

They were (mostly) hollow this morning!

This year Grace's Easter basket was themed around gardening.

Harris's basket was themed around fun and games.

For breakfast we had bunny bottoms!

While I made lunch (that turned into dinner, it took so long), Grace and Harris tried out one of the items in Harris' basket.  It is appropriately named HOP! 

These ranunculus were so happy and the perfect Easter colors!  

These are probably my favorite place card holders ever!  Grace made them from Sculpy clay and they were adorable.  The idea is from here.


  1. you make everything so very very special!!! what priceless moments!

  2. Sculptey Clay is huge around here lately...I will show my girls those adorable bunnies! Great job Grace! Every detail is perfect...AGAIN!!


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