Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

I hope you had a spirited St. Patrick's Day!  We didn't have any leprechauns this year since neither of the children made traps!  However, we did wear green, read about Saint Patrick and celebrate with an "irish" dinner!

For dinner I made an "irish" stew in the slow cooker and a loaf of soda bread.  It should have been a delicious meal, but I'm sorry to say that neither one was very tasty!  Next year, I'll definitely have to look for new recipes (both of these were ones I had never made before!).

Dessert helped to make up for the lackluster meal.  It was pretty and tasty!  I made a Jello rainbow by layering different Jello flavors in a glass.  It was very easy for such a lovely impact, but be warned that it literally takes all day to finish up since each layer has to firm up before adding the next one!


  1. Gosh. Did the Irish stew lack spices? I should have thought it would be good. The sound of soda bread has always steered me away, tho I am curious. Glad the colorful gelatin dessert was as much of a hit as it looks like it would be! I was 'off' jello for a long time, but it looks good to me again these days. We enjoyed a pot luck and 'green' elephant exchange after church on St. Patricks Day. We took that green Watergate salad.

  2. I wanted to make Irish Stew this year..but we were on the road to Florida....okay, that wasn't too bad either! :)
    Your jello cups are perfect!
    Basically you always get all the details and you do it perfect!


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