Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Birthday Brunch

Yesterday, Delita and I hosted a surprise brunch to celebrate Mom's 70th birthday!  Delita flew in to celebrate and we invited three of her closest friends (they call themselves the "fearsome four").  Mom thought that she and Delita were just coming over for a casual breakfast, and I think that she was totally surprised!  It was truly a lovely way to spend the morning.

Mom has always had a love of the color orange, so we went with that as the theme of the morning!  We used clementines as place cards (with a scrapbook sticker for an initial).

The children and I made giant numbers to hang behind the table.  I got the idea from Oh Happy Day.  Harris and Grace cut the fringe and I did all the gluing.

Brunch Menu

Orange French Toast
Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus
Coffee Cake
Citrus Salad

Mom is very lucky to have such a great, fun loving group of girlfriends!


  1. Your mom seems like a dream!
    Happy Birthday to a very special lady!

  2. i love every beautiful detail. what an awesome mama you have!!!!


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