Friday, July 17, 2009

When Grandma is a away... a gift a day

Grace left last weekend to go to Hawaii with her Grandma (it's a rough, rough life for that girl!). I'm so excited to pick her up tomorrow and hear all about their adventures!

Harris never felt left out because he knows that his special time with Grandma will come when he is ready. However, my Mom did something that definitely made it easier on him. She left a pile of presents for him! Each present was wrapped the same, but it was labeled with the day that it was to be opened. The first thing that he asked for each morning was his "surprise from Grandma."

The gifts were nothing fancy or expensive and included a pack of gum, a coloring book and band-aids! But I don't think the point was what was in the package, it was more about the knowledge that Grandma was thinking of him. I thought it was really thoughtful and that it would be a great thing to do when a parent leaves as well!


  1. That mom of yours...she is something else!
    Can't wait to hear about Grace's adventures.



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