Saturday, July 18, 2009

Backyard Renovation: Before and After

Up until this spring we have focused mainly on the inside of our house (and the porch). We decided to start working on our yard this year and man have we done a lot of yard work!

When we bought our house it already had a deck attached to the house. I'm not usually a fan of decks especially when they don't seem to be very useful and this one has driven me sort of crazy for the past 4 years. It juts out into the yard and isn't wide enough to really do anything with. We have really been all over the place trying to decide what to do with it. If we took the whole thing down it would turn into a much bigger project (time and money wise) so we decided to just take off the back part of the deck. Here's how it all went down...

Bryce, Harris and Mark, a friend from work, took off the back portion of the deck.

Bryce power washed the portion that remained. We want to marry the power washer we love it so much. It made the deck look like it was brand new!

The previous owners must have been big fans of bricks and concrete! This is the old walkway leading to the house.

A bulldozer showed up! We hired someone to level out the ground and pull up the gravel and concrete.

We really wanted a designated area for relaxing, eating, entertaining and even crafting in the backyard. However, we didn't want to put anything permanent down because we are still hoping to one day add on a screened in porch with a master bath above. Pea gravel was the most economical choice. I was worried about how it would look and feel with our house but it turned out great!

The new walkway is so much better. We got all the slate (for free!) from a coworker of Bryce's.

I have been hauling around this chandelier years! We strung up some twine and hung it from the trees.

When we first moved in we discovered that the previous owners had installed a pond of sorts. It didn't have a fountain and was in pretty rough shape but it was home to lots of frogs. Thus, we dubbed it the frog pond. It is now officially a pond once more! I found this great little fountain that I adore and we added some lilly ponds and oxygenators. Of course, I'm still learning how to take care of it but we love the sound of the running water. We are really hoping some frogs find there way to our little pond.

Here are some views from the house. The grass has started to grow in, but we still have some planting to do in the fall.


  1. Really enjoy seeing more pictures of the yard. It's great summer fun space!

  2. Y'all have really done a great job with that space!! Looks so inviting!


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