Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camping t-shirts

The children and Bryce got back yesterday from their 2nd annual "school's out" camping trip. They had a blast! Several months ago, Bryce got the awesome idea that they all needed camp t-shirts! While his mom was here he asked her to sketch out a picture for the front of the shirts. He added some color, scanned in the image and uploaded it to Then voila, the world's most awesome t-shirts arrived at our front door. Seriously, this store is fantastic! Can you just imagine all the possibilities? I want t-shirts for everything now. Oh, and I think Bryce should win some sort of award for creative dad of the year.

P.S. Pictures are coming of the trip (there were bears involved!).


  1. We have always known that Bryce needs the most creative dad award!! Those are soooo cute!!


  2. Wow! A family camping shirt! The design is so cute! And to Bryce, you are the most creative Dad of the year. And maybe the next years to come!


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