Monday, July 6, 2009


I've had two really eye opening experiences in the past two days. A friend with whom I used to teach with died after a brief but brutal bout with cancer. She was 41 years old. And today our neighbor's house went up in flames. It was not leveled, but it certainly was horribly damaged (the water alone is catastrophic) and was really scary. I've never seen flames like that grow and spread!

These events have forcibly reminded me that life really is short and we simply do not know what tomorrow will bring. It makes me want to hold everyone a bit tighter and thank God for all the blessings he has brought. For we are blessed every single day that we are here and together.

On a really bright and happy note I want to congratulate Delita and Bill. Also, Brian and Bryan. Marriage is great!


  1. Jill's passing really reminded me of these things as well. It reminded how lucky I feel that you and I have remained friends throughout the distance and time. I hope we can see each other soon.


  2. Life seems difficult, frustrating and stressful but everyone has all these things in their lives It is amazing what people endure. I miss you guys.


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