Sunday, July 26, 2009


Two weeks ago Grace had the trip of a lifetime. She went with her Grandma to Hawaii- just the two of them. I've been asked why I didn't go with them and the answer is really simple, I wasn't invited! I hold no grudge though because this was a really special trip for a Grandma and her Granddaughter.

I don't believe they went with a real agenda except to have fun. Looking at the pictures it looks like they spent a lot of time in the water! Grace is a fish! They did explore the island a bit and the aquarium. One of the highlights of the trip for Grace was swimming with the dolphins!

Each caption is Grace's own words- she dictated and I typed exactly what she said. It was, after all, her trip to explain.

I couldn't wait to get on the plane.

I loved swimming with Leho the dolphin. He was very silky.

Me and Grandma spent a lot of time in the pool.

Our room was overlooking the dolphin lagoon. I loved it!

I met a stingray named Pua. I touched her, she felt like a marshmallow!

Me and Grandma loved the hot-tub! I didn't spend too much in it!

I was so excited about my dolphin quest!

After my dolphin quest, I got a stuffed dolphin named Hoku. Hoku means star in Hawaiian.

The baby pool had new turtles and was bigger than it used to be.

I loved the waterfall. It had beautiful blue fish in it.

I read the funnies because Grandma read the paper everyday. They weren't as funny as the paper Grandma gets at home.

We ate breakfast at the Plumeria every morning. They had great coconut yogurt. It was overlooking the beach.

I absolutely loved seeing the waves come in at the beach. I played sea turtle.

I loved my new flipflops and sunglasses (p.s. I looked like a movie star!).

I went on a boardwalk. I got a hotdog and shaved ice, a special Hawaiin dessert.

I met a friend named Alani. We had so much fun! We played mermaids and dolphins.

(Grace also wanted to share this but there is no picture.) The King, Queen, Crowned Princess and Prince of Japan came to stay at our hotel. I ran into the king, there were so many security guards!


  1. What a fabulous memory for both Grace and your mom!
    That's just so awesome.

  2. I loved seeing the trip through Grace's eyes. What an amazing trip!


  3. What a wonderful Grandma Grace has-such a blessed and lucky girl! The pictures are great--Grandma, you did good! Great memories for both of you. Thanks, Anna, for sharing--I always enjoy your blog! Linda


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