Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blogiversary and a giveaway!

Guess what? I have been writing on this little blog for exactly a year! To celebrate I've decided to do my first giveaway!

A few weeks ago my friend Emily gave me a gift that included a bar of soap. We have been using the soap for about a week now and it makes me smile every single day! You might ask how a bar of soap can make one smile? On the top of the soap is an engraved portrait of a quirky, fun lady with crazy hair. It's fine soap that doesn't take itself to seriously. I just love it. And anything that makes you smile while brushing your teeth needs to be shared. Plus it smells good.

We are really very fond of love gifts around here and I thought it would be fun to celebrate one year of blogging with a love gift to a reader of The Princess and the Frog Blog. Just leave a comment telling me what fragrance you would like and the children and I will randomly pick a winner (this blog doesn't generate a lot of comments so you have a really good shot at being the winner!).

P.S. The available fragrances are lavender, lemon verbena, ocean, green tea and clementine.


  1. Ohhh...Grace remember me, the one who sent you that neat Fairy book...PICK ME!!!!

    I love all of those fragrances so any would be delightful.

    I was going to do a give away for my 100th post but nothing struck me as super neat. This is a great gift idea!


  2. What a fun idea!!! Lemon Verbena is my choice if I'm chosen as the winner.
    If you are drawing names, please crinkle mine first. My mom tells me that fingers are drawn to texture. Ha! (It hasn't worked for me yet, but I'm hopeful!)

  3. I really like your blog I am a new reader but really enjoy reading your blog! My pick would be Ocean it just sounds like it would be relaxing.

  4. Oh my! We are both having giveaways on our blogs at the same time! What fun! I can't decide if I'd like Clementine or Lemon Verbena. I'll pick Clementine because that was my first cat's name and Grace likes cats!

  5. Is this a no purchase necessary enter as many times as you like.
    Here we go entry number 1

  6. Ohhh lavender. And thank you for keeping the blog up so well. It's great to be able to keep up with what you guys are doing and I don't feel so guilty about not calling more. :)
    I feel like I can be a better Aunt when I know what they're into and all about these days. Thanks!

  7. All right . . . sounds great! All of the choices sound delectable and who doesn't like and enjoy wonderfully fragrant soap that makes you smile. Besides, just think---you could deliver it personally.

    Love, Grandma

  8. well wouldn't you know i'd pop in on just the right day! i needed an Roberts family fix.

  9. Grace and Harris, I so wish I could see you more often. talk to your parents and tell them you want to come visit AUnt Jeni and play in the sand. Our house should be ready for guests in about 3 weeks. Bill would love to take you out on a kayak if you want.
    P.S. my choice would probably be lemon, just nothing real "flower like"
    Miss you
    Bill, Jeni and Sam

  10. OOoh a potential Anna treat, count me in!! Huge congrats on a year, always makes me smile to scroll through your blog...especially when it's filled with pictures of the kids having fun.


  11. As much as I would love a wonderful smelling bar of soap, I think (if I had a vote) it would have to go to Grandma! I like how she mentions that you could deliver it personally!! But if you're just dying to mail something, then I'd definitely pick GA. Besides, it's twice as hot down here so what better place to send it!!
    Congrats on your year!


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