Thursday, July 30, 2009


When we made our summer To Do lists, one of Grace's items was to see a rainbow. Fortunately, her wish came true while she was in Hawaii! She's still fascinated by them (they do after all seem very magical) and so today we did a bit of a rainbow project.

We started out by making rainbow bread! The bread was easy to make because it is started with frozen bread dough. We divided the dough into five pieces and used food coloring to color each one. We left them to rise, stacked the pieces on top of each other, and let them rise again. Sadly, this is where things did not go exactly as planned because they didn't really rise again and when baked the bread was pretty flat.

It still looked neat, though, and was very tasty, if a little dense. I would definitely make this bread again but with my own bread recipe.

As the bread was rising (or not, as was the case) we read, The Rainbow and You by Edwin Krupp. This book did a great job of explaining a very hard to understand concept (light refraction and so forth) and the children found it really interesting. In fact, Harris was very keen to try the author's suggestion of making your own rainbow. It was really cool when it actually worked!

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  1. I like that you are checking things off on your summer to-do list!!

    Rainbow bread...yummy~



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