Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ten Years of Baby Club

Ten years ago, I decided to work at a summer camp to make an extra bit of money while I was not teaching for the summer. Little did I know that I would end up as one of six women that would eventually form a tight circle of friendship. Over the course of that summer, each of us began to stay a little later and a little later at the pool as we started to get to know one another and discover that we were all in a very similar place in our lives. We all wanted babies. One of us, Julie, already had a son and was pregnant with her second. The rest of us were in varying places of readiness to have children. Children and all to do with children became a recurring topic of conversation (and believe me, we discussed it all!). When the summer was over one of us suggested we get together at one of our homes. We ended going to Audra's house where she served dinner. We had such a lovely time we decided to do it again the next month.

Thus, Baby Club was born. For the past ten years we have gotten together once a month for dinner and conversation. We never seem to run out of things to talk about; we have laughed until we cried and we have just cried. Between us we now have 14 children! This group of women is very special to me and it was really hard to move away and not be a part of the monthly gatherings. Whenever I travel back to Atlanta I always see them and I've never felt like I wasn't a part of the group anymore, but I do always wish I had more time to spend with them.

Well, for the next 5 days I do! We are going to Florida! I'm leaving tonight to travel to Atlanta and then we will all drive down together to the Destin area. I'm super excited to spend time with these lovely women and get some sun at the same time! I will be back next week.

P.S. Does anyone have recommendations for the area? Good food, shopping, beaches?


  1. I love that you guys still get together!

    If Baby Club has been around ten years...that means we have known each other longer than that!! I remember that summer that you worked at that camp. Time has really passed us by!


  2. Have fun!!
    I love your blog


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