Thursday, July 2, 2009

Children's Gardening book

Princess Chamomile's Garden is a book that I wish we had when we first planted the children's garden. It would be the perfect book to kick start the planning and planting of a child's very own "my-sort-of-garden." Even though our garden is well under way we have really enjoyed this book about Princess Chamomile and the garden she creates.

When Princess Chamomile discovers that the royal gardens are just to big for her to work in
she decides that she needs a "my-sort-of garden." The story takes us through her planning, permission seeking and planting of the garden.

Every time the children and I read this story we spend time pouring over the plans for her garden. We talk about how our garden is alike to the one she planned (we have a lot of what she has just on a much smaller scale!) and what we would like that she has and that we don't (a hopscotch pad and a shed).

I like how the story explains that the planting of the garden, "didn't take hours and it didn't take days. It took many long months." I think that this is an important point for children to try to understand about gardening since it's really not in their nature to be patient! I also appreciate how Princess Chamomile works just as hard as the royal gardener in the planning, planting and caring for her garden.

The illustrations in this book are delightful and of course we loved that Princess Chamomile and her family are all mice!

P.S. I'm sorry the pictures aren't really easy to see. If you click on the picture it will get much bigger.

P.S.S. Harris also really wants to add a tree to our garden that is hollowed out so that we can sit under it like in the last picture... Hmmm...

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