Saturday, July 15, 2017

Touring London Part 2

I'm going out of order of what we did on our trip because it's easier to group certain things together.  Also, if you are still reading, well done!  It seems to be going on forever :).

One of the places that Grace had seen on the internet, and really wanted to find while in London, was The Churchill Arms.  Turns out it was literally right around the corner from us and so we walked by it multiple times during our visit.  In person, it was just amazing to see!

One day we went to The Tower of London.  Here we wandered around the castle, saw the crown jewels, and got more information on Anne Boylen's execution (my children think I'm weirdly interested in it).  

From there we walked across the Tower Bridge.  At the top of the bridge there are glass floors where you can see down below you.  As neat as I thought that was, my brain couldn't seem to make it okay and I didn't care for it at all (and I'm not even afraid of heights).  

We left the bridge and walked along the waterfront towards The London Eye.  As we walked, we saw a lot of landmarks and stopped in to tour The Globe.  It would have been fun to see a show there.

We rode The London Eye and it was fun to see the wonderful views!

Our last day in London was the only day it rained!  We went to tour Westminster Abbey and to have tea!

We also made our way to Liberty department store (this is where Liberty of London fabric comes from!).  You guys, I loved this place and I so wish I could do my shopping in a store just like it.  

We stopped by this cute store in the Notting Hill area where they make and decorate the cutest cookies!

On our way back from the store, Grace was telling me that she was really hoping to see someone from the Sherlock series and right at that moment she looked behind her to see Una Stubbs, who plays Mrs. Hudson on the show.  Grace approached her, she was delightful and Grace was thrilled with her luck!

We did make it to King's Cross Station to see Platform 9 3/4 but I have to tell you that both of the children were a bit disappointed in it.  Due to the tremendous crowds it draws, and so that one doesn't have to buy a ticket to see the platform, they have put this scene on the main floor of the station.  My children didn't feel it was very authentic and had no desire to stand in line (it was long!) to have a picture taken.

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