Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Knole House and Hever Castle

Making our way over to Winchester from Kent, we stopped at Knole House (the childhood home of Vita Sackville-West) and toured around the castle for a bit.  Built in the 15th century, with additions and renovations happening ever since, it is one of the largest homes in England.  In fact, the Sackville family still lives there!

Knoll is surrounded by a deer park and for the life of Gretchen and I cannot figure out how the English get their deer to stay where they are supposed to stay!  We need them to teach us their secrets as I am about to have nervous breakdown if the deer continue to eat everything I plant outside of the deer fence.

I love this door within a door.  We also toured the Staterooms but photography was not allowed.

Everywhere you looked you would see a cat.  Apparently, anyone who was allowed to use a member of the cat family on their crest was very fortunate as the highest member of the cat family was used for the King.  You know I love anyone who can run with a theme...

Our next stop was Hever Castle.  Hever Castle was the childhood home of Ann Boleyn, Henry VII second wife and mother to Queen Elizabeth 1.  We were there on a very busy day, Father's Day, and lots of families were there to picnic and boat on the lake.  

The castle looked lovely on the outside but I couldn't get over how charming and homey the inside felt like.  It genuinely felt like a family home, albeit a very special and extravagant family home!

The inside courtyard was so lovely!

The Astors bought the castle in the early 20th century and worked to restore and expand the home.  You know I appreciated their liberal use of pink!

The lavender loos!

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