Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Queen and Windsor Castle

I'm just going to start out by saying...we saw the Queen of England.  In person.  Less than 15 feet away.  It was all very exciting!

We took a day trip out to Windsor Castle and it just so happened that I, in my infinite ability to embarrass my children, joked to the ticket seller that I was hoping to see the Queen.  She told me, in rather hushed tones, that the Queen would be leaving for the horse races in about twenty minutes and if we left the castle and walked to the "long walk" we would be able to see her as she left.  We went for it and were rewarded with a view of the Queen in a rather festive pink suit!

With that exciting feather in our cap, we went on to tour the castle and its grounds.  We did tour St. George's Chapel and the Staterooms within the castle but no photography was allowed.

I'm trying to convince my family that we too should dress like this on any given Saturday morning.  I think Harris and Bryce would look dashing in a top hat.

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