Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bodiam Castle, Rye, The Sea and A Beer Fest

While in the area of East Sussex, we took the time to go see Bodiam Castle, a 14th century moated castle. Built to withstand siege, it most likely never saw any action and was, in fact, dismantled and left in ruins in the 1600's.  Later owners undertook restoration efforts and it was eventually given to The National Trust.

Even though the interior is no longer in place, I found it neat to see where the fireplaces, doorways and stairways were.

One evening, we also explored the old, historic town of Rye.  It was like a movie set!  We wandered the cobbled streets, had some tea and sought out the most delicious Fish and Chips.  We took the fish and chips and ate them down by the water, a perfect evening.

Being that Rye is only two miles from the ocean, we drove just a bit to see the water.

Yet another evening, while wandering through another village, we came upon a sign for a beer and cider fest.  Of course, we decided to seek it out and thus ensued a hilarious conversation between us and the ticket seller where even though we all spoke the same language none of us could seem to understand each other!  She finally tired of us and handed us two glasses and told us to have fun!  I enjoyed the cider, Gretchen the beer.

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