Monday, July 24, 2017

The Library Table

I knew that I wanted a library table in some capacity in the new house, or at least some sort of table where books could be stacked facing upward, and there was a perfect blank wall between the two doors leading into the library.

I found the perfect table at a local antiques store where I got it for a great price.  Sadly, the owner told me antiques were "dead" and whereas he could have sold it for thousands in previous years, it was now worth much, much less.  Lucky for me I say!

I love the idea of switching out the books for different seasons or using the table for snacks during gatherings.  It can even get smaller if the sides are let down, so I consider it a very versatile table to have.

I LOVE the Hollyhock fabric that we had the small chairs recovered in.  It gave the chairs new life!

Above the table, we have a small gallery of photos and art work.  The large photo is from our trip last summer and you can just barely make out Bryce and the children hiking amongst the Redwoods.  The map is an old map that Bryce and I picked up in Paris years ago, the oil paintings are of our Airstream and Mount Rainer.  As always, I love our art to have special meaning.

A favorite detail of mine is this frog tassel.  We've had him since our days in Atlanta and he just keeps getting moved around to wherever he is best suited!

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