Friday, July 14, 2017

Touring London Part 1

As Gretchen headed home, Bryce and the children arrived to London and we met up near our flat in Kensington that we had rented through Airbnb for the week.

The day they arrived was the hottest day in England in 40 years!  We dropped off our bags and immediately went for a walk through Kensington Park and Hyde Park.  Here we came across the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain where all of London was out playing in the water.

One of the things I always enjoy when in a new city is a bus tour.  I find it helps me to get oriented and also provides fun facts I would otherwise never know.  The tour we took in London was a hop on and off tour.  We did get off in the Buckingham Palace area but for the most part, we toured around!  It was super fun to be on the top of the double decker!

We did a ton of walking while in London as we found it was a great way to get a sense of the scale of the city (um, it's big!).  We walked from Buckingham Palace, where we toured the Queen's Mews, to Big Ben, Westminster Cathedral and Houses of Parliament area where we had lunch at a fun pub, The Red Lion.

We also sought out 221b Baker St. as that is the home of Sherlock Holmes, which Grace is a big fan of.

I so regret that we didn't get to stop at this, my dream store, for we were in a hurry when we passed it to get somewhere on time.

While in London, Grace was able to meet up with two of her friends from Waldorf, neither of whom live in London!  It completely blew my mind that she was able to do this.  What a different world she lives in than I did (I didn't even travel out of the country till I was in my late 30's), it's a much smaller world and much more connected (being able to text was crucial to being able to meet up!).

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