Saturday, February 28, 2015


Today, our girl is a teenager.  I can hardly believe it. All week I've thought about this post and have continued to put off writing it.  What should the focus be?  Should I talk about how worried I am that I'm not good enough to be a Mom to a teenager?  Should I talk about how sad I feel when I realize we only have 5 years left with our girl at home?  Should I speak of how very proud of her we are?  Of who she is and who she is becoming?  What about how honored I am to be her Mom?  How deeply grateful I am that she made me a Mom 13 years ago?  Perhaps I write about how strong a sense of self she has and how we pray that that sense can stay strong in the years ahead?  Should I reflect on the fact that if, 13 years ago, one had asked me to envision my 13 year old I couldn't have come close to envisioning anyone as complex, thoughtful, loving and unique as Grace is?

I've realized I don't have the words to really describe all my feelings about this milestone birthday. Nor can I do an adequate job describing Grace and all her many layers.  So instead, I'll carry on with our annual top 10...

1.  She's still a Daddy's girl.  She will talk with Bryce about anything and everything.

2.  Grace continues to take ballet 4 days a week.  She's quite good.

3.  Several years ago, Grace coined a phrase "frousky" to mean that someone was grumpy or unhappy in the family.  Somehow it stuck and now that's our key phrase in describing someone's mood when they aren't happy.

4.  Grace can facilitate between ecstatic, frousky (see above) and sad all within 5 seconds.  We call it her pterodactyl mode.  She doesn't care for the pterodactyl description and is lobbying for it to instead be called "drama llama" mode.  I will agree that that is cuter.

5. Grace tends more towards being an introvert.  I'm trying to be mindful of this while also remembering that this age craves friendships and social connections.

6.  She loves to sleep in, wear her "comfy" clothes and listen to her music, which often includes 80's hits.

7.  She is still an adventure loving girl who is super comfy in hiking boots and her zip off pants but she is also most certainly showing an interest in a little more fashion forward clothes and accessories.

8. She doesn't like to play games with people nor does she beat around the bush.  She also doesn't have a lot of patience for people who do.  She is a rule follower but also very independent.  She has a strong moral compass.

9.  She loves to read.  However, she's straddling that line between "children's books" and "young adult" books.  She recently stopped reading two young adult books because she felt they were inappropriate for her!  

10.  She thinks she wants to be a traveling adventure writer when she grows up.

We love you Grace!  Happy Birthday.


  1. Followed your blog for years. As always I am so very encouraged by your insight. You're beautiful thoughts show that you are such a thoughtful, loving mom who seeks to really know her daughter as the way God has made her and not who you want her to be. In fact your description of Grace describes my thirteen year old almost to a tee minus ballet love and music choices. However, it has been very difficult for me to accept my girl's independence and desires to only wear comfy clothes and turn away from any friends who have began any type of drama. Your post is a great encouragement for me to look for her strengths and not just the challenges she brings to our family. Perhaps is Grace the first born of two first born parents? Just beginning to wonder if some of the independent traits are part of a birth order. Thank you for giving such insight. You have blessed your daughter with so very much by loving her so dearly. I have totally enjoyed watching her grow into such a lovely lady.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, they really mean a lot to me. It's funny because I'm a second child (bearing all of the 2nd child hallmarks!) but Bryce was an only child (but with later step siblings). Grace is so like Bryce and also fits right into birth order traits! Whereas Harris is so much more like myself! I can't help but believe that birth order cannot be ignored!

      I also struggle with not putting my own will and desires, and how I would handle something, on Grace. However, lately, I've begun to realize that she handles it with much more honesty and forthrightness than I and perhaps I could learn a thing or two from her!

  2. I can't be she's 13! She has become such an amazing young lady and I am a very proud Aunt! We love you Grace!

  3. So hard to believe 13 years ago we were anticipating her arrival. I remember so fondly a girl's night before she was born when we sat in her nursery and talked all night.

    What a beautiful girl Grace has become!


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