Friday, February 13, 2015

Tic Tac Toe Valentines

There was a time when we made rock candy a week in advance in preparation for making class Valentines.  Last night, the night before Valentines were due, I pondered how things change as Harris put together his Valentines that took perhaps 20 minutes to complete!  This year there was no debating various Valentine ideas, crafting and glueing of hearts or even treat making!  Instead, we printed tic tac toe game boards from an online printable and called it a day!

I would like to note that typically this would be a rather expensive Valentine as tic tacs go for $1.69 per box, which would add up very quickly for a class of 24!  However, I happened to find them at Rite Aid on sale 2 for the price of 1.   I also like that each box has the ingredients so that parents with allergies will know if their child can have the tic tacs (they are gluten, dairy and nut free).


  1. Cute idea. Long gone are the days of labor intensive valentines for us, at least for now. Both boys wanted to give out bags of "pirates booty" (you know the cheese rice pouf things?). So we just printed labels on the printer, stuck them on and done! I was happy it was easy but kind of felt lazy. lol!

  2. I'd like to be in the classroom to see the variety of loot passed around. Yours is extra great being an interactive treat.


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