Monday, March 2, 2015

Grace's Birthday

We had a lot of fun celebrating 13 years with Grace on Saturday!  Saturday morning, we had our traditional panCAKES and that evening she chose to have family over for fried chicken, cake and bingo!

The cake she chose to have is one that she spotted years ago in one of my old Martha Stewart Kids magazines and has been waiting for the perfect birthday to have it.  This was the year!  It was easy to make and very yummy!

Grace made all the festive decorations for her gathering.

The night before her birthday she also made gluten free cupcakes to take in to her classmates.  I'm beginning to feel displaced in the merry making department!  Smile.

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  1. What a marvelous 13th birthday! The doughnuts Grace made make my mouth water. The cake and candles look like fun to do. Well worth the wait I expect. The decor certainly has Cocoa's attention. Very nice candlelight photo and mother daughter as well.


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