Thursday, February 26, 2015

Getting Rid of Wrinkles- a tip


Perhaps you already use and love this method of getting rid of wrinkles on tablecloths, but I want to share this magical tip just in case you don't because it literally makes entertaining easier!   After our tablecloths are ironed we have no choice but to fold them up and store them in a drawer (as compared to being able to hang them).  Therefore, even though they have been beautifully ironed, they are still wrinkled when we put them on the table to use.  Recently, I discovered a very effective way of getting rid of those wrinkles.

Spray your tablecloth with a fine mist of water and, with a partner opposite you, gently pull the tablecloth between you.  The wrinkles will magically fall out!  I now swear by this method and wish I had discovered it sooner!


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