Friday, February 20, 2015

Skincare for Grace

Around the time that I turned 13, my Mom took me to see our resident Mary Kay consultant (I later worked for her in my middle school years) to get me started on a healthy and consistent skincare routine.  I'm so thankful for that as I've always been conscientious about taking care of my skin.  I knew that I wanted to do the same for Grace, especially as we move into those teenage years where hormones and the like can wreck havoc on the skin.  I read about One Love Organics in a magazine somewhere, and intrigued, wrote to the company asking if they recommended their products for teenagers and if so, what the recommendations were.

I was delighted to receive an email from the company President, Suzanne.  Here's what she had to say,

I recommend keeping it super simple. I would recommend Chia Whip Purifying Foam Cleanser to cleanse and pair it with a Cleansing Sponge. Make sure your daughter hangs it up after each and every wash-never lay it down on the counter or it will disintegrate. My boys love washing their face since incorporating the sponge. It keeps the wash out of their eyes, is easy to rinse and feels good. 
Brand New Day is also a great exfoliation treatment and masque 1-2xs per week. But if your daughter is new to skincare or doesn't like many steps, just stick with thorough cleansing right now. That is THE most important step in your skincare routine. Just getting her to wash thoroughly everyday is a great habit.
For moisture, I would recommend applying a tiny bit of Skin Savior Balm to damp skin. As soon as you cleanse, blot the skin and apply Skin Savior Balm. This post will show you how to apply correctly.  
I would get the smaller Discover size because it should last her 6 months or more with regular use.

I very much appreciate that she suggested we start simple and didn't encourage us to buy tons of product.  For Valentine's Day, I gave Grace the suggested products and we talked a lot about how to properly care for skin and why.  I'm hoping that we've started a good habit!

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  1. Hi Anna! I was just checking in on friend blogs - so fun to catch up on this part of your life! And this is a great post! I'm excited to try it out for my teens. Thanks for a good recommendation.


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