Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mouse Ears and Moose Tales- A Book Review Blog

Grace has started a book review blog!  I think it's a great place for her to hone her writing skills and at the same time partake in one of her favorite things to do- read!  If you are interested, check it out at Mouse Ears and Moose Tales.  I'm sure she'd love some constructive feedback and maybe even some book suggestions!


  1. Wonderful! I will have Ezra check it out. I think they have similar taste in books!

  2. Great idea :) I haven't commented in a while. I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season. We are so ready for Spring!

    1. Thank you Ali! I can't believe it's already February! Spring is just around the corner! : )

  3. Wonderful idea. I just read a bit of Grace's blog and found a book for my daughter. Thank you both.


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