Monday, February 2, 2015

Russian Tea

Growing up, my Mom would make a dry mix for a drink called Russian Tea.  The mix contained Tang, lemonade mix, instant tea and sugar.  We simply put a few spoonfuls of the mix in a mug and added piping hot water to create a yummy winter drink.  I loved it, but at some point I realized that it had to be one of the most unhealthy drinks ever!  Preservatives, artificial flavors and massive amounts of sugar reigned!

One afternoon, several years ago, I was chatting with my friend, Kelly, and she mentioned that her Mom has always made Russian Tea also but that it was from scratch!  I finally remembered to ask her for the recipe and she kindly shared and then agreed I could share it here.  I find that it actually tastes like the Russian Tea that I grew up with, but with the bonus of it being so much better for you!  It's so good and everyone that has had it has loved it.

I thought of just typing the recipe out but really, how wonderful is this recipe card?  I love that it's obvious that this is a much loved and used recipe.  Thank you Kelly for sharing!

A few notes...

*I actually only added 1 cup of sugar and thought it was just great.

*I didn't have a bag to put the cinnamon and cloves in, so I just floated them in the mix and then strained them out before storing.

*I think in a pinch you could just use orange juice!

*It seems to last just fine in the refrigerator after it's made.

*I have no idea why it's called russian tea and I'm not entirely sure if that's politically incorrect!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. A friend introduced me to Russian Tea and I will pass this along to her. Could you translate the "tea bags" line -- I can't figure it out.

    Thank you!

    1. I just used two Lipton tea bags (thinking that 1 bag is listed as being enough for 1 quart)! Hope that helps!
      Thanks for asking!


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