Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Snowmen + A Lesson Learned

Tuesday we got a lot more snow!  In fact, the children had to leave early from school that day since the snow wasn't going to be letting up and the roads were becoming dangerous.  To celebrate an early snow day, I made the children cauliflower snowmen to accompany their ham and cheese sandwiches. The skis are sticks of celery, the scarf a ribbon of carrot and the hat is a tomato half.  After I steamed the cauliflower I staked the three pieces of cauliflower and stuck a skewer through them so that they wouldn't fall over.  Isn't he cute?

The next morning, I made the children snowman pancakes.  I've seen this idea floating around Pinterest and just think it's so clever.  The bacon scarf is just a perfect touch.

Bryce got stuck during the storm on out of town business and so it was just the children and I.  I will be the first one to admit that when it snows Bryce is the one who takes care of all the clearing and shoveling of the snow while I usually can be found sitting huddled next to the fireplace (or the stove!). Needless to say, I found myself outside staring down my very long driveway and dreading shoveling all that snow away.  In fact, I seriously considered going inside and trying to call a landscape company to come and plow it for us!  In the end, I decided that my children needed to see that I was totally capable of shoveling the snow and further more that they needed to help.  They gladly grabbed shovels and we all worked together to get it done.  It might seem silly to say but I'm proud of the job we did!  I think we all learned a lesson about what we are capable of and how important it is to pitch in and get something done that has to be done.  Also?  I'd like to thank the kind and thoughtful person who cleared our sidewalk for us.  I'm not sure who it was but I sure did appreciate it!


  1. Wow, wonderful lesson opportunity! We have made the snowmen pancakes, my kids love them! I've never made the cauliflower one though, I"m adding that to pinterest for our next Snow day which in Texas might be a while!

  2. I have had to shovel quite a bit of snow this winter due to Paul breaking his ankle. Lets just say I am never going to take for granted the fact that he handles this! So glad that he is back on his feet so he can take care of it!

  3. Good for you. Snow shoveling is a chore...and a good cardio workout!

  4. Your snowman food is awesome...I love the healthy cauliflower snowman! perfect!
    Your snow shoveling story is funny....because the first time I played soccer with the kids..they looked at me and said, "you can kick a ball?" I they think all I can do is cook and clean! :)


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