Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mount Washington Trip

One of my bucket list places to visit has always been The Mount Washington Inn Hotel in New Hampshire.  I remember passing it on our honeymoon and talking about how we would someday come back, so it was really special to go with our children!  I also read in Martha Stewart Living how it was a particularly magical place to stay during their New Years Eve celebrations so we made a special effort to get there at that time.  Gretchen and family also joined us!

In reading lots of reviews I kept hearing how many people preferred to stay at the Bretton Arms Inn, which is still a part of the resort but separate from the main hotel, since it was much smaller and more intimate.  It also had a smaller price tag (bonus!) and had all the same amenities as the big hotel.  I'm so glad we stayed here, for us it was the perfect choice.  It was delightful to not be in the hustle and bustle of the main hotel all the time; we never had to fight for a seat by the fire or jostle amongst the crowds and yet were still able to partake in everything!  Another lovely feature was the complimentary hot cider, champagne and/or sparkling cider that was always out!

The walk from the Bretton Arms to the main hotel was beautiful and short.

I can't stress enough how good the food was during our stay*!  We ate dinner at both the Bretton Arms dining room and the Main Dining room and each meal was special and delicious!  Plus, it was hard not to feel special eating in such a beautiful room!

I particularly loved the main dining room since they had a live band and in between courses the children would go out and dance!  I love the old fashioned feel!

We spent one of our days skiing and were lucky enough to get lots of snow the night before we went. It was my first time skiing in the East and I was nervous to run into ice on the slopes.  However, the runs were great- even if it was rather frigid on the chairlifts.  The children did a half day in ski school and then skied with us the rest of the day.  They did fantastic and it was so fun to ski with them!

We also went halfway up the cog railway on Mt. Washington (in the summer you can go all the way up).  It was a fun ride and interesting to learn the history of the railway as it was only ever built and used purely for entertainment!

We went tubing, played in the snow and swam in the heated pool.  I love this view of the ice skating and tubing area.  Doesn't it look like a Norman Rockwell painting?

It was something like 8 degrees when the children went swimming.  I opted out!

The tubing was especially fun!

Our New Year's Eve started off with spectacular fireworks!

Afterwards, we went to the family feast in The Grand Ballroom.  Here they had a buffet (food was ok) and a DJ playing all sorts of tunes.  We had fun on the dance-floor with the children and at the stroke of 10 they had a balloon drop!  It was a truly memorable evening!

(horrible, horrible quality picture but I love it anyway)

Right before we left, Grace and I checked out the beautiful stables and horses.

 *Dinner and breakfast was included in our stay, three courses for adults and children, with no limitations.


  1. What a lovely way to spend New Years! Looks stunning! And that stable is gorgeous! BTW- is Grace almost as tall as you? Wow. I can imagine that will be my Ezra soon.

  2. Leah- She is so close to my height, it probably won't be long. I've always been "vertically challenged" so I'm happy for her! It has seemed to happen with many of my friends right around this 6th/7th grade year!

  3. Oh I love this. It is just beautiful!! You always go to the neatest places.

  4. Perfect in every way! Absolutely stunning pictures...of a fantastic time!!
    I love your family !


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