Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin Luther King Day

Today was a holiday from school and we spent it by sleeping in, relaxing at home and then bowling with friends; which then extended into more playtime for one child while another went to ballet.  Afterwards we joined those same friends (plus another family but minus Bryce) for pizza and fun after ballet was over. 

However, I didn't want to forget or skip over the real reason that we were able to have such a wonderful day.  This evening, before bed, we read, "I have a Dream" with paintings by Kadir Nelson.  This book has beautiful and moving artwork and it's a nice, succinct version of Dr. Martin Luther King's speech, but what I love and appreciate the most is the CD that comes with the book.  We listened to the entire speech and it's almost impossible not to be pulled in by Dr. King's powerful voice and amazing delivery of his most famous speech.  I believe that it makes it more meaningful for the children to hear the actual speech instead of just reading about it or being told about Dr. King.  To hear his voice, along with the voices in the background and the cheers of the crowd is more powerful and compelling than any book written on the subject can hope to be.


  1. What a great book, living in the deep South we have several local stories of old that can be discussed to teach the importance of the Civil Rights movement, and MLK's dream. I am going to get this book though, thank you for sharing!

  2. That book looks wonderful! I will have to look for it. I know you have highlighted a number of great books throughout your blog. If you have more historical books recommendations to use as a teaching moment I would love a list. Thanks!
    PS. I showed my daughter your blog while looking for valentine ideas and she was so intrigued. We had a day at home yesterday due to some colds. We did a lot of crafting etc. With every new project she would say, you should Blog about this Mom!

  3. Kristin- You should blog your projects, it makes such a great keepsake and gives us ideas! Also, I'll start thinking about that list!

    1. Maybe I will someday, I don't know how you can be organized enough to do things and remember to photograph? But maybe! I did notice the links to a number of your favorite books after I commented. I will have to look for a couple of them soon! As always, thanks for sharing.

  4. Every book you have recommended I have loved...I'm excited to try this one!


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