Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Extra Large Bulletin Board

We found Grace a dresser and we love it!  I'll share the dresser soon, but first I wanted to share the bulletin board that we made to go over it.  This was one of those projects that turned out exactly how we imagined it and was surprisingly quick and easy to make.

Grace had spotted a giant bulletin board in an old Martha Stewart Kids that she loved and that proved to be our inspiration. Having a really large board where she can put up anything she wants (posters, notes, pictures, etc.) is a good compromise for both of us.  She wanted to be able to put up movie posters (Harry Potter) and I didn't want them all over the room.  The bulletin board gives her plenty of room to express her interests but still looks put together and neat.

The board is Homosote that we picked up at Home Depot in the building department.  You have to buy an entire sheet, but they will cut it to your measurements while you are there which saves you work and a mess!  We had enough left over that I think we'll make Harris a board.

We covered the board in white cotton canvas.  They had lots of colors to choose from, but Grace wanted white so that all the color could come from what she chose to put on her board.  We worked together to stretch the fabric taught across the board.  I used the staple gun to attach the fabric and Grace hammered them in for good measure.

Bryce attached hangers on the back side and hung it so that Grace could get busy pinning!

(we finished the project at night, thus the bad lighting!)

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  1. What a great idea. I may have to steal it as Ezra is going through this stage as well and I don't want the decor to go too far in that direction! Love it. I love what she has already chosen to put on it.


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