Friday, January 3, 2014


 (this family portrait was my Christmas gift from Harris this year)

I've been pondering for several days whether I wanted to make resolutions for 2014 and I've decided that I do indeed have some goals and intentions for this new year and beyond...

*I want to be more intentional with my time spent with the children.  I think this will take the form of scheduled date nights with the children and projects to work on together (it's also going to require me to get organized)!   Also?  The same goes for my husband. 

*I know this one is cliche but I've simply got to exercise more.  Lately, I haven't been thrilled with the way my clothes fit and this can only be solved by eating less or exercising more (or both! gasp.).  I've started taking a ballet class one morning a week and I love it.  However, I think I need to add something a little more targeted and intensive to my routine.

*Take a class or two to learn something new.  Perhaps a gardening class?  Or photography?  And I want to relearn how to knit.

*Organize, organize, organize.  By the end of this year it is my goal to have gone through every item in my home, especially the basement.  I'm super organized in some areas and others I'm not at all.  I especially want to target the children's past art work and/or school work.  And figure out what to do with all my past issues of Martha Stewart.

*Dress up more

*Only buy things that I love.  This goes for my home, my wardrobe and for personal needs.  I've bought one too many t-shirts that I don't wear or a gadget that doesn't get used.  I'm focusing more on quality, usefulness and beauty this year.

*Stop being afraid.  I've realized that fear is often too much of a factor in my life; fear of making a mistake, of what others will think, of asking too much. 

*Give more of my time.  To others.  To charities.  To church.  To my children.  To my husband.


  1. What lovely goals. I like the one about being more intentional with activities... I get it. Happy New Year!

  2. Very worthy goals indeed. We've been working at organization since before the Waldo Canyon fire. It is an effort in progress but rewarding. May you succeed with your desires. It is special of you to share.


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