Monday, January 13, 2014

Snow. Sleet. Rain. Repeat.

We've had the craziest weather this winter.  Literally, crazy.  It's only January and we've had snow something like 7 times (more than just a dusting).  Unfortunately, that snow seems to often be followed by freezing precipitation and then rain.  I know that many get so tired of the wintertime and the snow, but I love it.  Maybe it's the 12 years of my childhood spent in Florida, but I still embrace winter and all of it's baggage.  Wooly, cozy sweaters?  Check.  Scarves, hats and mittens?  Check.  Hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream?  Check.  Fireplaces and snuggly blankets?  Check and check.  Children spending all day outside playing in the snow?  Double check.

I'm sure that come spring time I'll be ready to embrace all that spring promises but for now I'm still quite happy in this season.  What about you?


  1. Love that action shot! I too adore all the seasons, winter weather included!

  2. We envy your snow! Sorry about icy stuff. Great photo.


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