Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Adventure in Brooklyn

Months and months ago, Gretchen and I went to a lecture by Martha Stewart to promote her new book, Living The Good Long Life.  She was fascinating and something that stuck with Gretchen was her recommendation to try new things (new routes, new hobbies, new experiences).  It keeps your brain active and engaged and keeps things from getting too "settled" and boring.  

Yesterday, Gretchen was feeling the need for an adventure so we headed to NYC.  At the last moment we decided to explore the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.  It was my first time in Brooklyn and it made for a really fun day.  All of these pictures were taken with my phone and aren't great quality but they get the point across...

We ate lunch at a small restaurant called, Pies-N-Thighs.  It was possibly the best fried chicken I've ever had in my life and the hush puppies literally melted in my mouth.  As a bonus they had Sweet Tea so my experience was complete.  

We browsed at Moon River Chattel where I picked up a bedside water carafe to replace the one that was broken during our bathroom addition.

We taste tested chocolate at the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory.  At the risk of sounding really snooty I must say that I have never tasted chocolate that had so many layers.  Literally from the first bite the tastes just kept unfolding.  I brought home the Brooklyn Blend for everyone to sample.

We stopped by Bakeri for dessert and coffee before we headed home.  I had a hazelnut, chocolate and lavender cookie.

P.S.  We used many of the recommendations from Country Living for where to go in Williamsburg.


  1. Love the spontaneity! Looks like a lovely day.

  2. I will explore a city with you anyday! :)
    Looks like a lovely time!


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