Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Dresser for Grace

 Looking for a dresser for Grace was rather frustrating for me.  I knew that I didn't want a painted dresser (since her bed was painted) and I thought I wanted a taller rather than longer dresser.  Which, of course, is not at all what we ended up with!  I looked at new furniture as well as old and just couldn't seem to find the right piece that wasn't either really beat up or really too expensive.  Also, we had had issues with her old dresser and the drawers falling out, so I wanted sturdy drawers that had a stop.

On a whim one Friday evening, Grace and I popped over to a furniture consignment shop that we have gotten a few pieces from before.  We didn't spot anything that immediately jumped out at us, but we did see this really long dresser that was in great shape and seemed to be well made.  However, I thought it was too long so we left and continued the search.  But I kept thinking about this dresser and how great it would be for all her clothes and the bulletin board she wanted to put up.  I also really liked the subtle, feminine details on the piece.

So after measuring to make sure it would fit up the stairs ("I'm pretty sure we can get it up there," were Bryce's exact words) and with my brother-in-laws help, we went and picked it up.  It's so perfect in her room that I can't believe I ever questioned it!  Also, as a bonus, it turns out that it's made by a nice furniture company and extremely sturdy and well made.  I love that it now has gotten a second life!


  1. That looks perfect :) Love the feminine details of it. It is beautiful and perfect for a girls room.

  2. Love the bows! So great when you find the perfect piece. It is hard to do!


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