Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Little Egg Hunt

Yesterday, after church, we had a little backyard egg hunt for the children.  I'm not sure why we've never done this before because it was so fun and the children LOVED it!

neither of the children noticed this egg that was hidden in plain view!

We actually hid the eggs (as opposed to just laying them out on the lawn) and included two golden eggs.  I know that it's more typical to have just one golden egg, and I certainly don't fall into the camp of thinking everyone needs to get a trophy, but on this particular day I wanted them both to find a special egg.  

I found two larger than normal plastic eggs at Target (they were filled with candy) and spray painted them gold.  It took two minutes, was super easy and actually stuck to the plastic!  

Inside the eggs we put coupons for favorite and special activities (a favorite meal, date with Mom or Dad, one-on-one hike in the woods, etc.).  I got the printables from here.  The coupons seemed to be a big hit with the children!


  1. Love the golden eggs and the fun dollars! Great idea.

  2. i just adore their sweetness!!!! and that golden egg! and the magic! and everything!

  3. The pictures are perfect!
    I find that my older girls appreciate "egg hunts", as much as my little ones! I remember growing up and my mom just kept celebrating life with us, way after all other parents quit...thinking their kids were too old! What happened was all the kids came to our house to enjoy our humble celebrations...all the way through college, friends would ask when our Halloween party was...or our Egg hunt was! :)
    I love all you do for your kids!

  4. How clever to 'hide' an egg on the gnome! Too fun! Looks like the hunt was a real hit. You must be glad to have stuck with it another year.


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