Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bryce is 40!

Today is Bryce's 40th birthday!  We've now known each other for over half of our lives and that is pretty awesome because he is the best man I know.  We think he's just great and I feel so blessed that I found him so early in life.  I thought it would be fun to list 40 things he's done since I've know him (obviously a small sampling!).  He's...

1.  gutted and put rooms back together (plumbing, framing, drywall, electrical, you name it, he's done it).
2.  worked on a landscape crew.
3.  made dear friends that we will know and love for life.
4.  knitted a scarf (I was learning to knit and he said he'd do one with me, he's never picked up a knitting needle again)
5.  fathered two beautiful children and been an amazing father to them.
6.  been married for almost 17 years.
7.  moved his family to a totally new state.
8.  driven hundreds of miles in an RV.
9.  graduated with a degree in biochemistry and completed law school.
10. worked for the same company for 12 years, which was an amazing career experience.
11.  visited Paris.
12.  made lots of seemingly impossible things happen (I'm the idea person, he makes the magic happen).
13.  cultivated a deep love for coffee and bourbon.
14.  changed countless diapers, read countless children's books, and given countless baths.
15.  been complimented by another Mom on his extraordinary bun making skills (for ballet!).
16.  been a fantastic son and son-in-law.
17.  scraped and painted a barn.
18.  never wavered in his faith.
19.  attended an olympic tennis match and the Masters (he's there now!).
20.  hiked many, many miles.
21.  decorated many a birthday cake to perfection.
22.  had and discarded both an earring, a mullet (oh, yes) and glasses (thanks to lasik).
23.  grown in a (red) beard (I'm not a fan- too scratchy).
24.  maintained a weight of around 150 (I only put this in because I'm jealous and I pray that our children got his metabolism).
25.  been a part of a fraternity at our small college and been the honorary member of mine.
26.  skinny dipped with a bunch of ladies.
27.  perfected weekend pancakes.
28.  had lymes disease and shingles.
29.  skied blacks (and a whole lot of blues!) out west.
30.  made some wildly romantic gestures and also more subtle, sweet ones such as making me a cup of coffee every single morning.
31.  starting a company with three other like minded men.
32.  generous with all that he has.
33.  been roommates with the best of people.
34.  a lifetime Apple fan.
35.  a very serious driver.  He doesn't even talk much in the car because he's too busy concentrating on his driving.
36.  loved and appreciated good food for as long as I've known him.
37.  sung and traveled with the Glee club at UGA.
38.   played the saxophone and the piano.
39.  a cub scout leader
40.  worked hard at everything he does.


  1. So many things I didn't even know about my own brother! He is pretty amazing. Happy Birthday Bryce! We love you!

  2. Great list...and great idea!


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