Monday, April 8, 2013

Dining Room Chairs

I thought I'd share today what became of my dining room chairs after I spilled red wine all over them!  But first, let me share I came to have these lovelies!

I purchased these chairs on Ebay soon after we finished our kitchen renovation.  I was lucky in that the warehouse where the chairs were being stored was within an hour of our house.  My Mom and I somehow managed to squeeze all 6 chairs in my car!  The chairs had been recovered in a white cotton duck and I had intended to have them recovered as soon as we could afford to, especially considering that the children were very young and we sat in these chairs every single night for dinner.  However, I really liked the white and after spraying the chairs with ScotchGuard they held up remarkably well.  I never would have believed that we could have gotten away with white chairs for 6 years but we did.  Only in the last 6 months or so had I started thinking that it was about time to recover them since they were at last showing stains and such.

I briefly thought of recovering them with a patterned fabric, but the fact is that I love the simplicity of the white.  It looks classic to me.  The problem was that I really, really wanted to not worry about having white fabric.  If we, or a guest, spills red wine or spaghetti sauce on the chairs I really didn't want it to be a big deal.  The answer came in the form of faux leather (or pleather!).  It's buttery soft, looks great and is completely wipe down-able.  I had concerns about the use of faux leather (think legs sticking to the chairs) but they have so far been completely unfounded.  However, I did discover that not all of these fabrics are created equal.  The first roll that I ordered looked and felt like plastic and I was very fortunate that the fabric house exchanged it at no cost!

I was also thrilled that they were able to "tune-up" the chairs.  They tightened legs and fixed all the crazy springs in the chairs while they were at it.  I was also very happy to hear that they were very well made chairs (from Europe) and that they "don't make them like this anymore."


  1. This post was just the information I was looking for! I just ordered buttery soft white pleather to recover my dining room chairs. Your chairs look fabulous.

  2. What a super tidy job! And better springs in the bargain! Who could ask for more!


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