Friday, April 26, 2013

Visiting Family + The World of Coke

After YHC, we made our way to my sister's house to spend time with her family.  It was wonderful for the children to play with their cousin and for Bryce and I to connect with Bill and Delita. 

On our last day in Atlanta, we made a trip together to The World of Coke.  Though she rarely gets one, Grace is a huge fan of Coca-Cola and Harris likes the idea of Coke- he just doesn't yet share the love of carbonation!

 I really love this floral designed bottle for Fashion Week.

Don't we look great in our 3-D glasses?

The children loved the tasting room!  You could try lots and lots of Coke products from around the world!


  1. We have fond memories of visiting The World of Coke. Enjoying all the great photos.

  2. The World of Coke?
    Awesome! Love the flower coke bottle!


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