Monday, April 15, 2013

Succulents and a Failed Potting Attempt

I had the lofty idea that this was going to be a lovely and informative post about my new beautiful potted succulents.  However, this is most certainly not going to be that post.  By the end of my potting experience I wanted to never have anything to do with small containers, succulents or any of the materials associated with succulents!

I've been wanting to get a few more houseplants in the house.  I've been seeing so many pretty potted succulents and since I've read how easy and low maintenance they are, when I spotted some at West Elm I went ahead and purchased the materials and a few plants.  I believe that might have been my first mistake.  From now on I don't believe that I will buy live plants and materials at a home goods store from sales people who sound like they know what they are talking about but probably don't really.  And shame on me for not doing a bit more research on the matter!

When I got home I started potting everything right away and it went downhill fairly quickly.  I layered the rocks (perhaps sand would have been better?) on the bottom and then added the "soil" but the soil just sifted right through the  rocks and didn't look like pretty layers at all, but rather a jumbled mess of rock and soil (I also had soil on every surface in my kitchen!)!  Then when I went to get the succulents in the container all the leaves fell off the plants.  Literally, 16 leaves just fell right off. So that $11 plant was finished.  Also, by the time I got the other small plant planted it looked absolutely forlorn and pathetic and certainly not some lovely container to look at!  See what I mean?  Not attractive!

Finally, I threw a larger succulent in a glass bowl and called it a day.  I think it looks fairly pretty (not sure how Bryce is going to feel about me using his Simon Pierce bowl that was a gift from his old company, however) in the foyer and I'm just hoping that I can keep it alive!


  1. I love the idea, and have wanted to do a terrarium for a while.

    I think you'd really enjoy doing something like a Fairy Garden!

    Saw this on another blog I follow, and I'm smitten with them now :-)

  2. Succulents have a way of romancing a person indeed. Love the hanging glass container. It looks difficult to fix a plant inside. Be aware that both containers could acquire mineral deposits from the water that may not be able to be removed. I won two Jade plants at a church function and they were very easy to care for. Unfortunately it was necessary to give them away when we went on a long vacation.


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