Thursday, April 25, 2013

Georgia Trip (part 1)

Every time we go back "home" I am reminded of how much I love the south and our friends who live there!  We had such a wonderful time in Georgia and were so happy to get to visit with so many old friends and family too.  We got in late Wednesday afternoon and made our way up to North Atlanta to stay with Kathleen and family.  The children get along so well with Caroline and Will and they were thrilled to spend time with them (it also doesn't hurt that their backyard is like a kid heaven!).

 I was able to see some of my "Baby Club" friends.  As always, it was so nice to reconnect with them.  I love these guys.

(not a great picture but it's all I got!)

Thursday evening, more dear friends came over and we were able to visit and eat BBQ!  Perhaps the highlight was when the Moms played a mean game of foursquare!

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  1. I love visiting friends and family! I wish we lived closer to family! But at least we are able to make the most of our visits! It looks like you embraced every minute! :)


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