Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Egg Painting

I'm so glad that we went ahead and painted eggs this year.  I had a moment where I wavered, but it turned out that both children had already thought about what they wanted to paint on their eggs!  Unfortunately, I didn't get great pictures this year, but we still had our traditional carrot burgers and we even had a fun carrot centerpiece!  Also, I can't believe how good the children have gotten at painting on these egg, it's really difficult to paint on such a small and curved surface!

For dessert, I filled up new and washed terra cotta pots with chocolate pudding and chocolate shavings on the top.  Using a starburst that was slightly warmed we shaped little carrots and added carrot greens in a hole we poked in the top. They were oh so easy and turned out darling!  (I got the original idea for these cuties here)


  1. The carrot bouquet made me smile! The carrots in the pots look so real. It's delightful. A peek at Harris' egg artistry suggests he has some artistic talent. It would be fun to see what everyone painted this year. That tree must be getting full!

    Love the painted eggs!
    Your the best mom!


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