Saturday, December 29, 2012

Handmade Holiday- Part 1

This year I made Christmas gifts for all of our family since I had the time while I was sitting for hours at rehearsals for the Nutcracker ballet.  Honestly, I always am split about how much others want/appreciate handmade gifts.  Do they come across as too crafty?  Do they seem cheap?  Is it worth the time and effort that goes into the gift?  These are questions that niggle at a little part of me every time I give a homemade gift.  However, that didn't stop me from making family cross-stitch portraits for all of our family!  I thought I would share how they turned out (though I'm missing a picture of my Mom's family portrait!).  I started making the portraits in November and didn't finish the last one until 2 nights before Christmas!  For our parents portraits we included their grandchildren.

I think the details are what make the portraits- beards, glasses, sunglasses for Jeni and Bill who live by the ocean, and a baby in a carrier for Aaron and Leah who just had sweet baby Oliver.

And of course, the pets are part of the family and had to be included!

I purchased basic white frames from Pottery Barn to put the cross-stitch in.  I think it gave the gift a more finished look that I wanted.

P.S.  I know these aren't the best of pictures.  Frankly, by the time I was done with the portraits I was in a hurry to get them wrapped and out the door!


  1. Those are GREAT! I bet each person on the recieving end loved them!

  2. Everyone we've heard from recognize the portraits as very exceptional personally tailored gifts. Thank you again for ours. We really do appreciate it and enjoy the attention to details.

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  4. They are perfect pictures of the best gift ever! Here is my take on homemade gifts! My sister made me a painted ceramic 20 years ago! It has been through my whole life (at least the last 20 years)...I love it! However, she may not have known how much it meant to me, since I didn't always display it in our main rooms. Usually I put it my room! Well, with this last move, it broke!
    Just for a little background on broken items in my home! I don't get worked up about items I have bought! Nothing is worth more than my kiddos! I follow my mothers example, smile, grab the dust pan, and throw the item away! Finished with a hug! Well, this item was different! I still smiled, then I gathered up the pieces, and sat down...and cried! Then I placed the shattered pottery on the counter until I could get the energy to throw it away!
    The next day, it was on my counter, all together..the girls glued it for me!
    It was late October...but I realized that the effort of something made with love is priceless...and that is when we decided to make our gifts! :)
    Your time and effort was worth it and it will be appreciated!!!!

  5. We absolutely adore ours! Thank you so much! It was one of my favorite gifts this year.


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